The Messy Bun’s simple style guide.

Okay guys, the response to Messy Bun has been so positive and helpful and I want to thank everyone who’s given me feedback. It has inspired blog post no.2!

A lot of you say you like my style and want to know more about it.. are you serious? I spend 90% of my time in scrubs, pajamas or wellies. I’m no fashion guru, this blog is about that 10% you all see so please do not quote me on any of this.. but I’ve created a simple go to guide, for real women who want to look good without spending an absolute fortune. I’m on budget did you not read my last post? Anyway a lot of blogs that I read are written by people that seem to have a bottomless pit of money and let’s face it, that’s rarely the case with your everyday messy bun gal. Oh how I wish it was.

So here is is my simple guide to a few items that you can wear again and again whilst keeping your style fresh.

1. The classic white shirt

So I’m obsessed with white shirts and instantly drawn to them when browsing in a shop. Why? I’m drawn to them because they go with anything and are timeless. Black jeans, white jeans, denim, white shirts look lush with them all. Get yourself that good quality, good fitting white shirt and you’ll always have that go to great look to fall back onto always. I’m lucky enough to be a brand ambassador for S.Entwistle country clothing who’s white shirts always look incredible. Tailored just for you and made in England you know you’ll get good quaility. Save some money and look fabulous by using my discount code “ALBERTA53”

2. The boots

You can’t go wrong with fairfax and favor. YES I know they are expensive but there’s a reason for that. Quality. There are so many brands trying to rip off the brand and yeah they might be cheaper but.. they look cheaper. Save up and get yourself a pair.. or in my case two! I have the Regina in tan which I wear all the time. Shopping, meals out, smart/casual events the list goes on. They go with everything and make any outfit look great. I wear mine all the time. They are worth the price tag because you use them so often. I also have the imperial explorer boots in oak which are waterproof, warm and fit like a glove. I wear these on days when I go shooting, dog walking or anytime I want to pretend I am Lara Croft.

3. Jeans

My go to easy jeans are “Jamie” fit from topshop. Simple, cheap, comfy and in a style that goes with whatever. I’m one of those who thinks you shouldn’t really pay much attention to the cost of jeans’ because I wear through them in between the crotch wether they cost me £40 or £150. My thighs are big ok? Who wants a thigh gap? Not me. So because of that I go for cheap jeans. I have Jamie in literally every colour.

4. Belts

So I only buy belts from one place, Mackenzie & George. I love the whole country/ equestrian style and all their beautiful, high quality leather products are hand crafted in England. I have two belts that I use all the time, the Wycombe shotgun cartridge belt in chestnut which has been persionalised, and the lovely, little Ledbury skinny belt which is cow hide brown and white. Like I’ve mentioned before, at the higher end of prices but all Mackenzie and George products come with a guarantee! There are a lot of cartridge buckle belts about at the moment but none that come with the same standard of finish like Mackenzie and George. Sneak yourself a discount at the checkout with my code “MBC10”.

5. Gilets and jackets

So yes I do wear a Schōffel, if you are unsure what one is check the link. I would recommend them as they are warm lightweight and go with anything. Downside; pricey. I luckily got mine as a gift. I have a solution for you though if they are just out of your price bracket, a company called Baleno make their own, very similar jackets at a fraction of the price. I have one in red and people always think it’s schōffel. It’s warm, comfortable and I love it! I also have a variety of gilets and body warmers mostly from jack wills and joules. You can never had too many body Warmers!

6. Roll-necks, roll-necks and more roll-necks

Il admit I am a serious roll- neck fiend. Simply because 1. You look classy 2. If you’re pale you can put your makeup on without the whole tanned face white neck drama. Another good thing is cheap ones look just as good as the expensive ones. I have a serious addiction to black, navy, grey and khaki. Things like this you can get a bargain from primark, h and m etc, or do what I do and dig around in TK Maxx and find yourself some reduced Ralph Lauren ones! Nothing is more satisfying than a bargain. Sweaters/ jumpers I tend to grab in places like joules, head to an outlet and see what you can find. I managed to get this pheasant top from joules less than £20.00?! My advice is keep it simple and minimal with 1 item that has detail. Here’s another idea, pick a guys knitted sweater instead of a women’s or buy the next size up. Wear it with jeans, pumps and a messy bun. This is such a lush, preppy look I go for a lot of the time.

White shirt, sweater, gilet and jeans make up most of my looks. Tweed gilet above from Jack wills.

7. Tweed can be done wrong

Now ladies I do love tweed but it can seriously be worn in all the wrong ways. I love dark tones and small checked tweed patterns, you can easily slip into the brash and bold cheap looking style if you’re not careful. At the end of the day, that’s my choice but I always think a simpler more delicate style shows more quality than bright, light colours.  Below is probably the cheapest and suprise surprise brightest tweed il wear, compared to my gilet above I know which one I think looks much better.

8. Pumps, loafers and ankle boots

So I love any sort of brown/tan shoes. I think I’m a bit scared of anything else. I would always recommend either Chatham or Dubarry. Oh and Ugg that’s where my little ankle boots pictured below are from. I have pairs from all and enjoy them all. Recently I’ve done something I’ve always complained about and actually (gasps) bought trainers. They aren’t really trainers but still that’s a big step for me. Im one of those who think trainers are for the gym only. People who have seen me wearing them have also been loving them. The crazy and best part about it is that they are from Marks and Sparks. Comfortable, practical and cheap! I adore them! Links and pics below.

9. For the love of capes

I would love a Holland Cooper cape, unfortunately I’ve bills to pay so will have to wait. For now I have a few wraps and ponchos from easy places like Debenhams and seasalt. White shirt, jeans, boots and a wrap looks good anywhere. The wrap below Is a cashmere blend that I got for an absolute steal in a little country store in Harrogate. A make called Cadenza, I’ve never heard of it but who cares! It looks good and the quality is amazing. Don’t always go for a brand, look for a good material too.

10. BAM

All t shirts, vests and tops that I wear come from a company called BAM. Everything is made from 100% bamboo cotton and its organic. All my sleepwear and gym clothes are from bam simply because they are of excellent quality, never itchy and are so comfortable. The prices vary on the website but there’s always offers on so make sure you check it out. The striped top I have on below is bam.

There you have it! My go to guide. I hope you enjoyed it! Thank for reading and keep a look out for more posts soon.

Alberta x



3 thoughts on “The Messy Bun’s simple style guide.”

  1. Your blog is already one of my favourites after only 2 posts! Your posts are actually detailed and helpful unlike many other blogs that just show similar pictures and products over and over. Keep them coming 🙂

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